I am Alpha Divine

your Leader,

your Goddess,

your World

I am Alpha Divine, your Leader, your Goddess, your World.

Upon meeting Me you will feel yourself relax into natural submission. At a striking 6 feet tall with legs that go on forever, you will want nothing more than to surrender yourself and worship the very ground I walk on.

Simply put, it is not only My beauty that captivates you, but My powerful aura, coupled with My wicked sense of humour and sadistic but sensual nature that will have you on your knees. You are where you are meant to be.

I have been Alpha ever since I can remember, never far from tying someone to a chair for My pleasure and enjoyment. The day I learned I could be worshipped and adored at all times was a good day.

A true fetishist at heart, I am a sensual sadist who loves nothing more than to see and hear you whimpering in pain and frustration; the helpless, vulnerable look on your face is perfection to Me. I love to be pleased, worshipped, pampered and adored.

My tastes are eclectic however I am particularly fond of latex in all its forms; the feeling, the smell, the sound all excite Me; nothing gives me goosebumps like a firm slap on latex.

I am extremely auditory, I love the little sounds you make while we play, you are the canvas for My pleasure and I adore you for it.

Whilst the general public are becoming more aware of the grey areas to sexuality, it can still be challenging to identify as a submissive male. Whatever drives your submission, I welcome it, I respect you for it and I want to play.

My goal is to create a safe space where we are both free to express ourselves, outside the constraints of societal norms. We are all stereotyped and judged, however, when you and I are together we simply accept who we are. Free from shame and guilt, I will accompany you on your journey to self-discovery.